There are a number of lifestyle and health factors that might make a surgeon refuse to perform plastic surgery or delay an operation. If a surgeon suspects that a surgical procedure may be unsafe for a patient then the patient may need to undergo additional pre-op tests, implement lifestyle changes, or sign additional paperwork before scheduling a procedure date.

Here is a checklist designed to help you prepare for surgery make your surgical experience as easy for
you as possible.

  1. You haven’t eaten or drank anything since midnight last night.
  2. You showered and washed your body with antiseptic soap last night and this morning.
  3. You haven’t put on any jewelry, deodorant, powder, lotion, makeup, perfume, hair spray or panty hose.
  4. You didn’t take any of your surgery vitamins or Bromelain. Wait until after your surgery to resume those.
  5. You know where you’re going and you have someone to drive you, pick you up and stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery.
  6. You’re giving yourself plenty of time to get to the surgery center on time.
  7. You’re wearing loose fitting clothing with a loose shirt that buttons up the front and tennis shoes or some other shoes easy to walk in. No Manolo Blahnik's!
  8. You’re not wearing any contact lenses, jewelry or have dark fingernail polish or any piercings anywhere on your body.
  9. You have your ID, insurance card, eye glasses and case on your person. The crackers, pillow and throw blankets are in the car.
  10. You’re taking a car that’s easy to get in and out of and you’re not riding home with someone who drives like they are in a Fast and Furious Movie right?

With the right preparation and following your surgeons instructions you can expect a wonderful outcome.

*Tips courtesy of David B. Reath, M.D. Plastic Surgery