Take a minute and think about 1 person you most admire in life. What makes them confident?  Is it a quiet confidence or one that roars? Are they aware of this confidence; is it intentional, how can you tell? Is their confidence dependent on their personal appearance?  Now ask, how does their personal appearance support their inner confidence?

Steve Jobs co-founder and CEO of Apple is known for his simple signature style of sporting a black turtle neck. He always dressed exactly the same. He didn’t rely on his personal appearance for confidence. Why do you think he chose not to wear expensive suits with bling to match? I think the simplicity of his uniform was his own personal statement that confidence comes from within .He deliberately chose to express confidence through his vision and abilities as an entrepreneur, marketer and inventor. I believe he knew that looks matter.

He is just one of the many great examples in life of how personal appearances can express thoughts, ideals and beliefs.